Critically Directing Statesmanship - Wendell The Uncola Man


Posted June 10, 2012, 10:42 a.m. By chadd Tags: Leisure

Tomorrow we will go to see the rally Paris-Dakar. We will go the start in Paris. We are invited by an old school friend of me. He called us last week. And told he had ticket for the start of the Paris-Dakar rally. We will sit right next to the major of Paris. So we will have to behave. I drove a Paris-Dakar rally myself. It was in 1988. I made it to the finish. Which was my goal. And we made it in one peace. I remember that I was very tired after we made it to the finish. And that every part of my body did hurt. Every muscle and joint. But we where the first Italians. I still remember the welcome party with the president.